Thank you for your interest! Here are all the applications and volunteer opportunities we have right now!

The following two positions are onsite positions for camp and as such  will need to be at camp the entire time of July 9th-14th and are required to attend a training on July 8th as well. 

Applications for both positions are due by July 5th. 

The Junior Counselor program is for teens 16-18 years old who would like to further enhance their leadership skills by learning what it’s like to be a camp counselor.

The Cabin Leader position is for individuals aged 20-22 years old who would like to be a part of Camp Courage and manage our Junior Counselor program.

We also have other ways to help out camp! Below is a list of activities that you can sign up for to volunteer and help Camp Courage. Space for volunteer opportunities is limited. If you have an idea outside of the list below, please contact us, and we will review!


Food Delivery Guru

We are fortunate enough to get some dinners donated by local Longmont and Boulder restaurants. We can always use some help getting these to the site so that our staff can focus on being with our campers. If you would like to volunteer to bring a meal up, contact us to discuss.


If you are a certified lifeguard and would like to spend an afternoon at the pond helping to supervise water time, we would love your help!

Set-up/Break-down Welcome Lunch

On the first afternoon of camp, we host a welcome lunch for families dropping off their campers. It is a great opportunity for our staff to interact with and meet families. Therefore it would be very helpful to us to have some hands in the kitchen so that we can focus our energies on welcoming families.

Poster Brigade

We need help spreading the word! We would love your help putting up posters, especially at hospitals and treatment centers in the metro area and beyond.

Please email us with you interest to volunteer! Thank you!

Fundraiser Assistants

We have a few fundraisers each year, and love to have people help the day of with set up, break down, and taking donations at the door.