Fishing at Camp Courage is one of the best ways to provide your kids with an unforgettable experience! Not only will they enjoy the excitement of reeling in a big catch, but they’ll also learn important lessons that will stick with them for years. 

Why Fishing?

Fishing is a great way for kids to practice patience and resilience. The thrill of catching a fish will give them a sense of accomplishment that motivates them to keep trying. It also promotes active engagement with their natural environment – be it rivers, lakes, or oceans – without the need for video games or TV. And if you’re lucky enough to live near a freshwater lake or stream, fishing can be accessible year-round!

Let's Show You How Fun Fishing Can Be!

Fishing is more than just fun – it’s also educational! At Camp Courage, children will have the opportunity to learn about the various species of fish in local waters as well as proper technique when it comes to handling them safely and ethically. Of course there’s plenty of chances for relaxation underwater too – experience that calming feeling that comes with being surrounded by beautiful scenery as you scan around slowly waiting for a bite or tell stories around campfires after dinner. Here are three things your kids are guaranteed to love: 

Learn Techniques

Learn everything from proper casting technique to basic knot-tying and more.

Exploring Nature Together

The great outdoors is full of fascinating creatures that your kids can explore when they’re no actively fishing.


Fishing is always better when shared amongst others!


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