Dancing is an activity that can spark joy and inspiration in children of all ages! It encourages physical activity while allowing kids to explore their own creativity. Dancing allows kids to express themselves without words, by using the language of music and movement. It’s a great way for them to explore different rhythms, beats and styles, while staying healthy and having fun! Dancing gives children the opportunity to experience freedom of expression in a safe environment.

Why Dance?

Dance is a perfect activity for campers because it encourages movement, creativity, and self-expression. It builds connections through sharing movements and ideas in an environment where everyone is encouraged to express themselves without judgement. Dancing allows kids to have fun while learning important skills that they can take with them long after their time at Camp Courage has ended.

Shake it up!

Camp Courage provides an unforgettable experience for kids to explore movement, creativity, and team building through dancing. By attending Camp Courage, kids will be surrounded by a safe, inclusive and supportive atmosphere where they can build self-confidence and develop personally. At the same time, they’ll learn the basics of different dance styles while having fun with friends. In addition to making new memories, kids will gain important skills that will stay with them long after their time at Camp Courage has ended. So why not apply to Camp Courage and get up on your feet for some great dancing!

Express Yourself

Dancing is one of the greatest ways to express yourself.


Laughing with friends while learning new dance moves is one of the best parts of going to Camp Courage!


Creating art is a great way to express yourself and unlock your hidden creativity.


Camp Courage is an amazing organization whose mission is to provide life-changing experiences to children and young adults dealing with the struggles of cancer. Through its innovative activities and programs, Camp Courage provides its participants the opportunity to learn, grow and have fun in a safe and supportive environment. By donating to Camp Courage, you will be helping fund the much needed experiences for these individuals, allowing them to make lasting memories that will stay with them for years to come. Your donation will also help ensure that Camp Courage can continue providing these invaluable services.