Assistant Coordinator

My first (voluntary) volunteer experience was in 1989 at Metropolitan Hospital holding A.I.D.S., abandoned and drug addicted babies. For two years I signed up for the Achilles Heal Race in Central Park. There we ran along side and or assisted blind runners throughout the race right to the finish line. For four years in the 90's I was a volunteer camp counselor at The American Cancer Societe's Camp Anuenue (Children of the Rainbow) in Mokuleia, Hawaii. I was Lifeguard certified at that time and will have renewed that standing come Camp Courage 2018.

At one point I ran a program for Fourth Graders called L.A.M.P. (Language Arts Multicultural Program) wherein during school hours I would tutor any child in any subject they needed. Then after school they would come to me where we experienced a culture a month. We sang their songs, cooked their cuisine while working on their language arts skills through out.

At one point while I was getting EMT certified I volunteered at (ACS) Miami Dade's Hope House. There I helped settle families of Cancer patients into their temporary homes just a path away from where their loved ones were being treated. I've covered a pretty wide range of students; from toddlers to incarcerated teens. The clear common denominator is having loved those click of connection moments as well as the subtle yet immediate and mutual gift of transformation that follows.