Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the perfect way to bond with other campers and have a fantastic time at camp this summer! With professional guidance, kids of all ages can learn how to climb and scale great heights while safely harnessed in. Plus the thrill of conquering something you thought was impossible is like no other – it’s an adventure campers won’t soon forget!

Why Rock Climbing?

Camp Courage chose rock climbing as an activity because it provides a unique opportunity for kids to build strength, courage and resilience while having a blast. It’s a fantastic way for children to stay active and challenge themselves in a safe environment. Plus, the thrill of scaling great heights is unbeatable.

Rock Climbing Awaits!

Camp Courage is the perfect place to get your rock climbing adventure rolling. With professional guidance and experienced staff, you’ll be able to conquer walls and heights you never thought possible. Not only that, but you’ll get the opportunity to experience some truly spectacular views from the highest climb sites. You’ll go home with stories of incredible accomplishments, unforgettable memories and – most importantly – newfound skills that will help you reach even greater heights! 

Don’t wait any longer – apply to Camp Courage today and start your own rock climbing adventure!

Rewarding Challenge

Rock climbing at Camp Courage provides a rewarding challenge the tests your strength and resilience, allowing you to reach new heights of success.

Work Together

Kids can work together to learn the basics of rock climbing and experience the joy of climbing at Camp Courage, all while forming new friendships.

Race Friends

challenge their friends to races and use the wall as a platform to test their speed and agility.


Camp Courage is an amazing organization whose mission is to provide life-changing experiences to children and young adults dealing with the struggles of cancer. Through its innovative activities and programs, Camp Courage provides its participants the opportunity to learn, grow and have fun in a safe and supportive environment. By donating to Camp Courage, you will be helping fund the much needed experiences for these individuals, allowing them to make lasting memories that will stay with them for years to come. Your donation will also help ensure that Camp Courage can continue providing these invaluable services.

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